Cataract; Our eye is a disease of its own after the natural lens blur.
Is a disease that usually occurs after the age of 50. blurred vision for distant objects, decreased night vision, as evidenced by the explosion of light self-treatment of cataracts is surgery.
Phaco surgery today could be made with very small incisions with the aid of a laser, ie micro incision phaco surgery is the gold standard made in this regard. After the cleaning process is applied to the eye lens is placed in a transparent instead of cataracts.

Patient success of this operation is not required to deposit; operating rooms with high-tech devices, high-quality lenses and of course many thanks to experienced surgeons.

These operations; painless anesthesia with drops with local anesthetic without the need for sleep or needle and painless manner is performed. Through these operations can be done in minutes by an experienced surgeon, patients return to health within days.
Thanks to high-tech lenses used in the operation, patients will have to view the nearest natural.

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